Get Smarter : Life and Business Lessons by Seymour Schulich

Great insight, fun stories and an overall easy read [[read more]] or [[buy me]]

The Rules of Wealth by Richard Templar

Learning the rules that wealth follows, such as what is the right time. [[read more]] or [[buy me]]

The Naken Investor by John Lawrence

Trying to enlighten novice investors about the potential downfalls of trusting your financial advisor. [[read more]] or [[buy me]]

The Fine Art of Small Talk by Debra Fine

Confidently talking to others in casual settings. [[read more]] or [[buy me]]

How to Sell a Lobster by Bill Bishop

The money-making secrets of a streetwise entrepreneur. [[read more]] or [[buy me]]

The Five Lessons a Millionaire Taught Me by Richard Paul Evans

Learnnig to be weathly from the wealthy. Saving money on your home project by hiring. [[read more]] or [[buy me]]

Don't Send a Resume by Jeffrey J. Fox

How to get your ideal job. [[read more]] or [[buy me]]

The Invisible Touch, by Harry Beckwith

A book on modern marketing. [[read more]] or [[buy me]]

Ideaspotting, by Sam Harrison

Improving your ability to think up great ideas. [[read more]] or [[buy me]]

The Little Book That Beats The Market, by Joel GreenBlatt

The Magic Formula for stock picking [[read more]] or [[buy me]]

Stop Working, by Derek Foster

How to retire early [[read more]] or [[buy me]]

Instant Referrals, by Bradley Sugars

Building a successful referrals based business [[read more]] or [[buy me]]

The Wealthy Barber, by David Chilton

[[read more]] or [[buy me]]

The Art of Profitability, by Adrian Slywotzky

Business profit models [[read more]] or [[buy me]]

The Joy of Not Working, by Ernie Zelinski

Ernie Zelinski has done a wonderful job creating a book that will help you enjoy life away from the workplace. [[read more]] or [[buy me]]

The Pragmatic Programmer, by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas

Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas started the pragmatic trend with this book, The Pragmatic Programmer. [[read more]] or [[buy me]]

Secrets of Great Rainmakers, by Jeffrey J. Fox

We are always selling, regardless what we do. Instead of fighting this fact you should arm yourself with the necessary tools to at least understand the habits of successful sellers. [[read more]] or [[buy me]]

Getting Real, by 37signals

This book is best geared for people with an awesome, or not so-so idea. Best suited for entrepreneurs, designers, programmers and marketers. [[read more]] or [[buy me]]

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